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Cbd Gold Reserve Salve 2000mg


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Snowy Summit’s Gold Reserve Line is unique in the incorporation of full-spectrum CBD oil. This salve is infused with 2000 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil. Full-spectrum CBD contains a wide range of various terpenes and cannabinoids including CBG, CBN, CBC, in addition to a majority percentage CBD. These additional cannabinoids and terpenes synergize with one another resulting in the delivery of what is known as an entourage effect. The entourage effect allows the various cannabinoids to interact with the body more effectively than they would alone. Our CBD oil is derived from 100% industrial hemp.

Snowy Summit Gold Reserve utilizes two powerful healing plant derivatives to promote health and well-being. Devil’s Club, from the rainforests of Alaska, is a plant that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. It has been used by the native people of the region for centuries to treat a myriad of ailments. CBD, an industrial hemp oil, has been reported to be extremely effective in pain management. Use topically to relieve pain from common ailments such as arthritis, muscle pain, eczema and inflammation. Also effective on bug bites, minor cuts and abrasions, and skin irritations.

Contains 0.3% or less THC

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