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Haunted Ak Ghost Stories Book


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They are watching us, these ghosts of the North.They cook breakfast, play cards, mine gold, turn on radios, and play the piano. A logger sees a ghostly Model T drive through his truck. The smell of tobacco wafts through a room where no one is smoking. Fresh footprints are found in the snow, but there is no one for miles around.Haunted Alaska is a collection of ghost stories that will make the hair rise on the back of your neck. These astonishing stories tell of miners terrorized by spirits wandering their claims, of roadhouse owners visited daily by ghosts, of reindeer herders who run in fear as one of their own departed comes back in spirit form to continue his duties after death, and of human voices and dog barking heard in empty woods, complete with the smell of a campfire that isn't there. Some ghosts are found in -- you guessed it -- ghost towns.
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