Felt Hiker Hat - Black

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Not everybody wants a stiff hat. Henschel specializes in soft comfortable felt hats. Even the "firm" felts are going to soften in weather. Warm in cooler weather, Henschel felt hats do a lot more than keep the ticks out of your hair. Brims flex to suit your facial shape. Light felts can be folded and rolled a little. They`ll take it & Bounce right back. The firm felt will roll and crush, but will not snap back into shape. It`ll give that "hippie" look we all strove for in the 60`s. ------ Light Felt Hat. • Thong laced leather band, • Outback Hat 3" Brim. • Easy to wear. • Can be slightly crushed and will pop back. • Good outdoor hat. • FELT/LEATHER
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